2016 New Year’s Resolution

My professional goal in 2015 was to up my JavaScript skills. I focused on developing a much deeper understanding of the language and mastering its concepts. I feel good about the progress I made. While I still use (and love) jQuery, it’s no longer a crutch to mask my understanding of the language. In 2016 my JavaScript goal remains, but I am going to narrow my focus to a specific stack.

Right now there is so much innovation with JavaScript that it can feel overwhelming. It seems like every day there is a new framework, library or and build tool that the community clamors about. There is too much noise. The noise breaks focus, which impedes learning and hurts productivity. From an idealistic standpoint the stack should depend on the project. But for me, that’s just not practical. Time is the ultimate constraint, and I’d rather not spend it becoming a master of nothing.

Over the last couple months, I’ve done a fair amount of research and learning about different JavaScript technologies. Understanding their core methodologies has helped me isolate those that I feel have the most potential and will be the most fun to learn. So, in 2016 I’ve decided to focus on the following:

Each of these layers in the stack will come with a ton of new things to learn. By no means do I expect to become an expert by year’s end. I do expect however to be proficient with them, and I’m pretty excited about that!

Happy New Year 🙂

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