State Supply is focusing heavily on video as a medium to attract new customers. We have been slowly building up content for State Supply’s YouTube channel. I have been using Adobe Premiere CS5 for the video editing. In doing so, I have found myself repeatedly coming back to a handful of keyboard shortcuts. As with coding, using keyboard shortcuts when editing video saves oodles of time. So without further adieu, here are the Adobe Premiere CS5 keyboard shortcuts that I most commonly use.

Shortcut Purpose
\ toggle full sequence view
Ctrl + drag mouse on cut point ripple edit
Ctrl + drag mouse on sequence create new sequence based off current
Ctrl + drag mouse on source monitor create new clip based off current
Home jump to beggining of sequence
End jump to end of sequence
J play backward
L play forward
K stop playing
J + K play backward in slow motion
L + K play forward in slow motion
* (on numeric keypad) create sequence marker
Ctrl + → jump to next sequence marker
Ctrl + ← jump to previous sequence marker
Alt + → move clip one frame forward in sequence
Alt + ← move clip one frame back in sequence
Page Up jump to next cut in sequence
Page Down jump to previous cut in sequence
C razor tool
V selection tool
Alt + drag mouse on cut point adjust duration of linked audio/video independently
Ctrl + drag yellow line on audio clip adjust audio level in fine increments
Ctrl + click on audio clip create audio keyframe

Full list of keyboard shortcuts

Additional Notes

  • Use the “Slip Tool” when you want to maintain the clip duration while changing the clips content. The slip tool is particularly useful when you wish to change the content of a clip on which you are working within set time constraints.
  • Use the “Rolling Edit Tool” when you want to want to move the location of a cut you made between two clips.
Posted by: John Dugan