Sublime Text

Introducing Contrast Theme for Sublime Text

Contrast is a theme for Sublime Text born out of my frustration with inconsistent cross-language syntax highlighting. The purpose of Contrast is to reduce cognitive load by making color representative of how a program actually works, rather than just highlighting {…}

Posted by: John Dugan

Visual Studio Code vs. Sublime Text

I want to start by giving high praise to the Visual Studio Code team at Microsoft. It’s an incredible product that I believe will only get better. The git integration, the task runner integration, JavaScript debugging, IntelliSense, and parameter hinting {…}

Posted by: John Dugan

Sublime Text 2 Shortcuts for Windows Users

Nettuts recently made one of their premium courses available for free. The course was on optimizing your workflow in Sublime Text 2 and it could not have come at a better time for me. It was incredibly helpful and certainly {…}

Posted by: John Dugan