Setup ionCube Loaders in WAMP

In order to develop sites on WAMP that have ionCube encrypted PHP files, you need to setup ionCube loaders in WAMP. Several years ago, I posted a popular screencast to my YouTube channel on the subject. I just upgraded to {…}

Posted by: John Dugan

Accessing WAMP from a Virtual Machine

With all modern browsers now embracing automatic upgrades, it won’t be much longer that you have to worry about sites being compatible with old versions of Internet Explorer. However, a significant portion of site owners will continue to support old {…}

Posted by: John Dugan
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How to Upgrade phpMyAdmin in WAMP

As a WAMP user, you are familiar with phpMyAdmin. Like any application bundled with WAMP, phpMyAdmin upgrades will be released. How do you know when a new upgrade is released? Simple, phpMyAdmin will tell you in the right sidebar, along {…}

Posted by: John Dugan

Accessing WAMP From Computers on Your LAN

When developing locally, you’ll want access to your site(s) from multiple computers/devices connected to your network. It makes browser testing simple and convenient. Setting up WAMP for local area network access involves just a few configuration tweaks around IP Addresses {…}

Posted by: John Dugan

Setup a Virtual Host on WAMP in 3 Steps

Like most developers, I work locally. I develop on Windows (don’t judge) and run WAMP. In WAMP, websites are located in the C:\wamp\www directory. You can access a website at localhost/mysite. You all know this. The standard way of hosting {…}

Posted by: John Dugan