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Basics of the BEM CSS Methodology

BEM stands for Block, Element, Modifier. It is a methodology for naming CSS classes that is clean, clear and scaleable. I’ll leave the sales pitch for implementing BEM to the links at the bottom of this post. Let’s briefly deconstruct {…}

Posted by: John Dugan

Getting Familiar With Magento Callout Blocks

Often you have call-to-action images that you want to display in several locations on your Magento site. Perhaps you are pushing a certain line of merchandise, offering a promotion, etc. These types of call-to-action images are referred to in Magento {…}

Posted by: John Dugan

Accessing WAMP From Computers on Your LAN

When developing locally, you’ll want access to your site(s) from multiple computers/devices connected to your network. It makes browser testing simple and convenient. Setting up WAMP for local area network access involves just a few configuration tweaks around IP Addresses {…}

Posted by: John Dugan

A jQuery Plugin Boilerplate Explained

Learning JavaScript is a continuous endeavor of mine. Building a strong foundation starts with understanding the core concepts of the JavaScript language. As with learning anything, there comes a point where you are left with a fragmented understanding of the {…}

Posted by: John Dugan