This post isn’t directed toward any specific experience I’ve recently had. It’s inspired by the communications I encounter as a human being every day.

Typically, I write about web development. I document things that I encounter and [try to] explain them in a way that other developers can easily understand. After all, understanding is a goal of any communication.

The funny thing is that people often seem to forget this. Ironically, marketers are the largest offenders, but other professionals are right up there too. I constantly see people use large words and long sentences to communicate simple messages.

To these offenders (including myself at times): be simple in your communications. Don’t increase cognitive load on recipients by using long sentences and large words when they aren’t necessary. Make the bridge between your message and the recipients’ understanding as short as possible. Choose words wisely. Don’t use large words when small words will do.

// end rant

Posted by: John Dugan