It’s the last day of 2014 and my ongoing quest to become a better JavaScript developer went pretty well this year. Yesterday I released an ecommerce calculator for measuring revenue growth that is built in JavaScipt. The calculator takes in to account the three most important ecommerce metrics:

  1. Traffic – or “Sessions” in Google Analytics’ terms
  2. Conversion Ratethe single most important metric
  3. Average Transaction Value

Up until now I resorted to an Excel spreadsheet that I created with some built-in calculations to measure/project revenue growth. The spreadsheet has been my primary means to gut-check ideas with actual numbers. I was able to value and prioritize an idea based on the estimated Traffic, Conversion Rate, Average Transaction Value and Revenue resulting from it.

While Excel works great for this, I live and work on the Web – so too should my ecommerce calculator. Before creating the Excel spreadsheet, I searched for an online calculator to measure ecommerce revenue based on Traffic, Conversion Rate and Average Transaction Value. To my surprise, nobody had created one! While this was a couple years ago, upon some brief searches there still doesn’t appear to be an easy-to-use online ecommerce calculator for calculating revenue.

I hope that by porting my Excel ecommerce calculator to the Web (and making it much better in the process), I can help others that are in my position. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Posted by: John Dugan