I have gushed before about how much I love Unirgy’s uRapidFlow Pro extension for Magento. But one of my gripes has been the lack of documentation/training for the extension. So let’s figure out how to get your products out of Magento using uRapidFlow Pro. In this screencast, I will cover the uRapidFlow’s profile setup and walk you through some of the Extension’s options. Finally we will download the exported file and make sure it has what we need.

Creating an Export Profile in uRapidFlow Pro

In the screencast below I run through creating a product export profile in uRapidFlow Pro, as well as running a basic product export.

Exporting Product Data from Magento with uRapidFlow Pro

In the screencast below I dive a bit deeper in to the uRapidFlow Pro profile configuration options. I explain section by section what each profile configuration options means and how they impact the resulting export file.

Posted by: John Dugan