If data migration is even tangentially related to your job, you use Excel. With all the web apps and tools at our disposal today, Excel is still (by far) the most powerful tool when working with large data sets. It’s capabilities, functions and speed have made it a cornerstone of data migration.

That said, unless you have a decent knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Excel can be limiting. Time and time again you will find Excel functions lacking in key areas. But, there is light at the end of tunnel! That light is provided by the Ablebits Ultimate Collection for Excel, a package of insanely useful Excel utilities for all things data.

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While the purpose of this post is not to review the Ultimate Collection, I wanted to quickly highlight my satisfaction with their Excel extensions. As I say in the screencasts below, the Ablebits Ultimate Collection has literally saved me hundreds of hours of drone work on various projects. Below I’ll show you how to use the Merge Tables Wizard to add and update data across two different spreadsheets in Excel.

Add Missing Data From One Excel Spreadsheet to Another

Update Existing Data From One Excel Spreadsheet to Another

Posted by: John Dugan