You have no idea how many years have been taken off my life by the painful annoyance of Dreamweaver adding blank lines to my code. I hack away at some code on my laptop and it looks great – I move over to my desktop and all of a sudden, my I have twice as many lines of code… WTF. Well it just so happens that I stumbled upon the solution to this problem. It has to do with your Dreamweaver code preferences. Specifically those found in “Edit >> Preferences >> Code Format”. Once you are there, make sure that you have the correct option selected for “Line break type”. Then save the settings, close your file, and reopen it again… Vwa-La!!! Magic!!!

Code Preferences Dialog

Posted by: John Dugan


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     Thanks man, I use Dreamweaver for 3 years and now I finally resolve this! 10x

  • No troubles man!

  • No troubles at all!

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  • jethik Disqus

    its good article .I like it.

  • Gray

    it should be noted that though I’ve been using a windows machine, only if i select the option for Linux do these line breaks go away.

  • Brian

    Great tip, thanks! Very counter-intuitive that you are using Windows but have to select the Linux option to solve the issue.

  • Helen

    Thank you for this post! It works for me also! Wish you all the best!

  • peteEsticks

    Nope. This will not work. Regardless of it’s line break setting, dreamweaver will still add extra line breaks to your files on get operations. You’ll find no obvious settings or help to prevent this. Basically this software utterly sucks, it’s awful, and really if you’re using it then you should STOP right away and throw it in the phucking bin.

  • lol – strong feelings there Pete. I’ve been off Dreamweaver for several years now. But back in CS5, this setting *did fix my issue. Not sure if you are running in to this problem on a more recent version, or if you are just hatin’ on Dreamweaver for the sake of hatin’.

    FWIW, I shared the general sentiment for a while – but I hear they have made big improvements in their latest offerings. Personally, I have no plans to leave Sublime Text…