Setup ionCube Loaders in WAMP

In order to develop sites on WAMP that have ionCube encrypted PHP files, you need to setup ionCube loaders in WAMP. Several years ago, I posted a popular screencast to my YouTube channel on the subject. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and took the opportunity to record another screencast on setting up ionCube loaders in WAMP.

The original screencast explains step-by-step how to setup ionCube loaders in WAMP using ionCube’s installation wizard. The new screencast does not use the wizard — it takes a more direct approach. While the installation wizard is recommended on ionCube’s website, the new approach is consistent with how you install any PHP extension in WAMP. Bottom line, both approaches will get the job done.

Setup ionCube Loaders Using The Wizard (the old)
Setup ionCube Loaders Without The Wizard (the new)

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