Nettuts recently made one of their premium courses available for free. The course was on optimizing your workflow in Sublime Text 2 and it could not have come at a better time for me. It was incredibly helpful and certainly reiterated the fact that Sublime Text 2 is the best code editor on the market. In the spirit of workflow improvements, I have posted my own list of helpful Sublime Text 2 shortcuts. Hopefully they save you as much time as they do me!

Text/Code Selection

Ctrl + D
Select word/sequence. Press the shortcut keys again to select subsequent occurrences.
Ctrl + L
Select current line.
Ctrl + F3
Select word/sequence and highlight all additional occurrences of that word.
Alt + F3
Select all occurrences of word/sequence.
Ctrl + Alt + Up
Extend cursor directly above.
Ctrl + Alt + Down
Extend cursor directly below.
Shift + Mouse 2 ~ or ~ Mouse 3
Multiple cursors across highlighted text.
Ctrl + Shift + A
Select tag adjacent/wrapping cursor location.
Ctrl + Shift + L
Enable multiple cursors at the end of currently selected lines.
Alt + Shift + W
Wrap current selection.

Moving Items & Traversing the Document

Use when text highlights have been made to move to the next highlight.
Shift + F3
Use when text highlights have been made to move to the previous highlight.
Ctrl + ]
Indent current selection.
Ctrl + [
Un-indent current selection.
Ctrl + Shift + Up
Move current line up one line.
Ctrl + Shift + Down
Move current line down one line.


Ctrl + Shift + g
Open GitHub Gists (must have Gists package installed).
Ctrl + /
Comment out (or uncomment) current line.
Ctrl + Tab
Toggle between open files.

Also, you should check out Sublime Text 2’s official documentation.

Posted by: John Dugan