Content strategy is a broad term that means many different things. It is notoriously misunderstood by management and undervalued by traditional web designers and developers. I cannot stress enough how important it is to not only understand what content strategy is, but also to be able to explain it. Over the next year more content will be produced online than all of the previous years combined. Let’s build a foundation for understanding content strategy with a few key points.

  1. Content Strategy is understanding user behaviors

    • What are users doing?
    • How are users feeling?

    In order to properly answer how your users are feeling, you need to narrowly define the question of what they are doing. For example, “How are users feeling when they try to find information about xyz product?”.

  2. Content strategy is bridge building

    On one side of the bridge is a user with a problem, on the other is their solution. Content strategy is the planning and construction to goes in to making that bridge as short as possible.

    • Be clear and concise.
    • Be consistent.
  3. Content strategy is restraint

    Don’t publish everything you can. Limit what you publish to the what your users need. This circles back to defining what your users are doing. Remember: context, context, context.

Posted by: John Dugan