As a WAMP user, you are familiar with phpMyAdmin. Like any application bundled with WAMP, phpMyAdmin upgrades will be released. How do you know when a new upgrade is released? Simple, phpMyAdmin will tell you in the right sidebar, along with a message across the bottom after you login.

Screenshot of phpMyAdmin with arrow pointing to the upgrade notification message
phpMyAdmin Upgrade Notification

Without further adieu, here’s how to upgrade…

  1. Download the most recent stable version of phpMyAdmin.

  2. Extract the contents of the download to the apps directory inside your WAMP root, typically c:/wamp/apps.

    Screenshot of the most recent stable version of phpMyAdmin being extracted to the apps directory in WAMP
    Extract Upgrade
    • Inside the apps directory is a directory named after the version of phpMyAdmin that is currently running. Leave this directory present in case you need to roll back.
    • After the extraction is finished, I like to rename the extracted directory with the same naming convention that WAMP uses — phpMyAdmin-4.3.6-all-languages becomes phpmyadmin4.3.6.
  3. Copy the configuration file from the current version of phpMyAdmin to the new version.

    Screenshot of the configuration file from the current version of phpMyAdmin being copied to the new version
    Copy phpMyAdmin Configuration
  4. Update the phpmyadmin.conf configuration file located in the alias directory, typically c:/wamp/alias. Point the Alias and <Directory> paths to your new phpMyAdmin directory.

    Screenshot of updated directory paths in the phpmyadmin.conf configuration file
    phpMyAdmin Configuration
  5. Update the wampmanager.conf configuration file located in the WAMP root directory.

    • Toward the bottom of the file, under the [apps] block, change the current phpmyadminVersion setting to your new version number.

      Screenshot of the phpmyadminVersion setting in the wampmanager.conf configuration file
      phpMyAdmin Version
    • Toward the top of the file, under the [main] block, verify that the navigator setting points to the correct location of your computer’s web browser. If this is wrong, you will see the following [perplexing] error message when you try to launch apps from the WAMP menu tray:

      Could not execute menu item (internal error) [Exception] Could not execute run action: The system cannot find the file specified

      Screenshot of the Aestan Tray Menu Error message in WAMP
      WAMP Aestan Tray Menu Error
  6. Last but not least, Restart All Services in WAMP (assuming WAMP is running), and login to your upgraded phpMyAdmin.

    Screenshot of the WAMP menu option to restart all services
    Restart All Services

    Screenshot of phpMyAdmin just after an upgrade was completed
    phpMyAdmin Upgrade Complete
Posted by: John Dugan