About Me

Hi everyone! My name is John Dugan and I am a father, former actor and web enthusiast. My life is a paradox – I work in technology, but live in the country with my wife and four kids. During the weekdays I head up Ecommerce for State Supply, an industrial supply company based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Working in a small business requires that I wear many hats. On Monday I am a content strategist, Tuesday a UX developer, Wednesday a web designer, Thursday a data analyst and Friday the head of printer repairs.

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I love working on the Web. I am passionate about startups, business models and company culture. I am a risk-taker who believes that an idea is only as good as its execution. I believe in continuous learning and improvement. And I believe that respect in business, as in life, is earned.

My website is a sandbox to explore new technologies and document what I learn. The technical content that I post focuses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with the tools and platforms I use day-to-day. I am more of a binge poster than your average blogger – so don’t tune away from your regularly scheduled reading material.

My Projects

Sites I have built

  • Financial Perspectives

    Financial Perspectives is a wealth management firm founded by my late father, Michael Dugan. The Minneapolis-based firm operates under the direction of my two uncles and brother. I designed, wireframed and built fpwealth.com on top of WordPress.

  • State Supply

    State Supply is an industrial distributor focussed on commercial plumbing and HVAC. I continue to build statesupply.com on Magento, staying on top of ecommerce tools and technologies to serve our customers nationwide across the web.

My Skills

Things I know about

As I said in the bio above, I am a former actor turned frontend developer. The common thread between the two is creation. I am passionate about using creativity and emotional intelligence to solve problems. For the better part of a decade I have done so using the technologies below.

  • HTML5 logo


    I found code through my first love, HTML. Document structure, semantic markup and accessibility never cease to challenge and satisfy my desire for perfection.

  • CSS3 logo


    I enjoy the challenge of crafting modular CSS using a mixture of methodologies from BEM and OOCSS to SMACCS and ACSS. Sass has been my preprocessor of choice since 2011.

  • JavaScript logo


    These days JavaScript is moving so fast. Every day there is a new framework, library or programming paradigm. Most of my attention is focussed on the language itself.

My Teachers

Places I learn

The developer’s mastery of a skillset is never complete. The pace of technological innovation requires a steady diet of learning. I enjoy building my skills and staying up to date with the help of the resources below. Click the logos to see what I have been learning.

  • Treehouse logo
  • Code School logo
    Code School
  • Frontend Masters logo
    Frontend Masters